Gute Witze und kurze Sprüche, Lustige Gedichte Lachen.

Zwei deutsche Touristen


Zwei deutsche Touristen begegnen sich in
Englands Hauptstadt London.


"Hello, Sir! How goes it you?"
"Oh, thanks the afterquestion. Are you already long here?"
"No, first a pair days. I’m not out London."
"Thunderweather, that overrushes me, you see not so out."
"That can yes beforecome. Makes yes nothing.
How find you the weather here?"
"Such a soup the full day! Man sees often the hand before the eyes not."

"In the act. I wish the sun would let view itself."
"But now what other: me stood the hair to
mountains as I the traffic saw. So much cars
gives it here. All nose long."
"You are heavy on the woodway if you believe  that London horsedroveworks go. They are not
from the day before yesterday here."
"Will we now drink a beer? My throat is outdried.
But look, there is a guesthouse, let us there man go!"
"All attention, that is a good idea. I will only
my shoeband close. I must me sohowso my
legs replace."
"Here we are. Make me please the door open."
"Look only! A beforehangingcastle. The economy is too. How sorry! Then I will go back to the hotel,
it is already retard. On againsee!"
"Oh, yes I will too go. I must become my draught to bristol. Auf Wiedersehen."
"Nanu, sie sind Deutscher?"
"Ja, sie auch? Das wundert mich aber. Ihr
Englisch ist so hervorragend, dass mir das gar nicht aufgefallen ist."
"Ach, danke gleichfalls."

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