Lustige Weihnachts Sprüche

Gute Witze und kurze Sprüche, Gedichte für Weihnachten !


The WHO health experts are sounding the alarm, they expect for the autumn winter 2009/2010, the mega flu. Like every year at risk are sick, lazy employees and officials from prolonged Wochenenden.Die number of deaths will amount to huge 10,000 people. Compared with the swine flu is therefore 9990 more. “Even the cold weather in winter will be a catastrophe.” Says flu expert Dr.Grippansky. “Shun to be around the Christmas market stalls, or the punch. A further danger when the swine flu virus the bird flu virus crosses and combines with the influenza strain. If even the plague virus to the world at the end. “The Expert Tip: Tamiflu, Pestizit and anti-SARS put tablets in stock. The new combined vaccine against New crib and financial crisis.

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